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German Shepherd Police Dog who had been retired was seen grieving as he saw his handler again.


When Wangwang heard the voice of her manager, she immediately went to see her. A moving video of a loyal dog that won’t let go is released online by the police department.

This is the heartfelt reaction of retired police dog “shepherd” when he unexpectedly runs across his old handler.

Wangwang, a German Shepherd who is 8 years old and lives in Xichuan county, Henan province, in central China, is employed as a canine sniffer at security checkpoints in the area.

She will officially be retiring in June 2019, after which she will look for a place to settle down permanently. However, this will result in her being separated from her handler.


After reaching retirement age, Wangwang applied to and was admitted into a new home; however, this required her to part ways with her manager.


According to Xichuan police, “Police dogs are normally properly fed at the training facility; nonetheless, our personnel are not permitted to spend time playing with or exercising retired canines.” explain

A visit of unexpected kind was paid to the police handler only a few days ago.

As I was on patrol in the area next to Wangwang’s home, I came upon a fluffy companion.

An officer is seen making a phone call to Wangwang from outside her residence in a video that was only recently uploaded to the Douyin account of the Xichuan Police, which is China’s equivalent of TikTok.

It was an emotional experience for both of them, but Wangwang found it impossible to hold back her emotions when she finally laid eyes on the guy who had captured her heart. The retiring dog can be seen excitedly racing to his handler in a video that was uploaded on Douyin, which is China’s equivalent of TikTok, and published by the Xichuan Police Department. Then I found myself crying uncontrollably!

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When Wangwang was standing next to the officer, she wept and stroked her feet.

When the patrol squad returned to their police vehicle, the obedient dog refused to let them depart and instead sat directly next to the handler.

The following is what the post says: “Wangwang’s hair is becoming white, yet she eats well and continues to become bigger and fatter.”

People who watched the video felt their hearts melt as they saw the lovely dog’s tearful reunion with his owner.

Someone commented that “the dog is becoming better and better all the time. Dogs are very devoted friends; ensure that she is adequately taken care of.

The emotional reunion moved thousands to tears and captured their hearts online. One of the users left a remark saying, “Dogs are great faithful friends, treat her well!” Another person remarked that you can “tell how much Wangwang misses her handler.” When the dog gurgles, you are able to grasp what it means.

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