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The owner’s emotional reaction when, three years later, he discovers his missing dog on the street


A guy has been unexpectedly reunited with his missing dog, creating a highly emotional moment in the process.

Over the course of more than three years, the owner diligently searched for his furry companion, and he never gave up hope of eventually finding him. He was blessed by faith, and the two of them were finally able to find one other again.

Giorgi Bereziani, a resident of Tbilisi, Georgia, and his dog Jorge have shared their lives together since since Jorge was a young puppy. The pair has never been apart.

But as fate would have it, one day the devoted dog got lost, and despite his owner’s best attempts to track him down, it seemed as if he had just disappeared.


Giorgi never gave up hope, and he continued seeking for his buddy Jorge even though the days ran into weeks and the weeks grew into months, and there was no sign of Jorge.

Giorgi never gave up looking for Jorge over the course of three years, and he distributed fliers across the city of Tbilisi as part of his quest.

His efforts were rewarded in the end, and the two of them got back together. The scene was captured on video, and it is nothing short of the kind of thing that makes your heart melt.

The moment Giorgi received a phone call from a member of the Tbilisi Opera and Ballet Theatre staff informing him that he had seen a dog that fit Jorge’s description, the man made a beeline towards the location in the hopes that his hopes would be realized. To our great relief, the guy was correct!

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The guy, who is 62 years old, shared this information with THE DODO and said, “We looked for three years.” Then we were able to locate him!

The time when the two were brought back together was very emotional for both of them. The poor dog went into a panic the moment he discovered the guy who was coming up to him was really an old friend of his.

Giorgi couldn’t believe he had finally met his closest buddy, so when he saw his owner, he ran up to him with his tail wagging so fast it was out of control.

See the heartwarming reunion for yourself here:

Nobody is sure where Jorge has been for the last three years, but judging by the yellow tag that is attached to his ear, he was taken up by animal control authorities at some time.

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