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The Cat Who Lived In A Cardboard Box Learns What It Means To Be Cozy


After Marcy’s family was kicked out of their home the previous summer, they abandoned her and left her to fend for herself in the wilderness. She found refuge in an old cardboard box in the yard of a neighbor, where she lived for a number of months until someone realized in December that she could not continue to survive in such a manner and removed her from the box.

When Rebecca McGinn’s brother was talking about a cat that had been residing in his yard, he was paying a visit to his sister for the birthday of her niece. She went outside to see if Marcy would let her get closer to her, and the moment she saw her, she was instantly smitten with love.

As soon as McGinn saw Marcy, she was ill and living on the streets, but she immediately knew she would bring her home.

According to what McGinn told The Dodo, “I made the decision to adopt her since she was shivering and had painful eyes inside of a moist cardboard box.” “As soon as she noticed me, she walked right up to me to be petted, and she was really pleasant and affectionate.”


When McGinn first brought Marcy in, she was in bad shape, and after being examined by a veterinarian, it was discovered that she had eye problems, worms, pneumonia, a lung infection, and skin problems that were causing her hair to fall out in clumps. Additionally, it was discovered that she had eye problems, worms, pneumonia, and a lung infection. Everyone was aware that Marcy’s road to rehabilitation would be a challenging one; yet, McGinn was just delighted to have her in the house and show her what it was like to have a pleasant, warm place to cuddle up with a family that cared about her well-being.

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“She settled right in, tucked herself up, and slept for days,” McGinn stated further.

After everything that Marcy had been through, she was happy to finally have soft, cozy places to snuggle up on, and as a result, she is now addicted to everything and everything that is squishy.

“The activity that she takes the greatest pleasure in is snuggling up with both my partner and me,” McGinn said further. “She has a serious obsession with throw blankets and other people.” She takes pleasure in being wrapped up and dressed. The other one percent of her time is spent either on or in a comfortable blanket.

It makes no difference if they are pillows…

… blankets…

Marcy has become an expert at finding warm places to sleep, whether it is with one of her new acquaintances or on her own, and she has no plans to change her methods in the near future.

Despite everything that Marcy has been through, she is still incredibly compassionate and trustworthy, and she is utterly delighted with the new life that she has created for herself. Even though she may have had a troubled history, she has now found the ideal new family, and they will do all in their power to ensure that she is content and well taken care of for the rest of her life.

McGinn commented that she had the most caring and pleasant disposition possible. “She is incredibly clingy and appreciates all of the attention that is being given to her.” She treats everyone with respect and is very reliable.”

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