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A man reunited with his 19-year-old cat after 7 years.


This month, Robert got a call that his cat Chebon was still alive.

Chebon disappeared before Robert and his family moved from California to Ohio. Robert, who preferred to remain anonymous, postponed his move so he could seek for his pet, but after a year with no luck, he had to depart.

Robert said in a Facebook video, “I remember begging and saying, ‘God, I’ll do everything, just bring my Chebon back.'”

Then something that never, ever happens happened. A good-hearted woman noticed what appeared to be an ill cat on the side of the road and took the animal to a veterinarian in the area. Surprisingly, the cat appeared to be in good health, despite the fact that it had been living on the street for some time and was somewhat muddy. When they looked for a microchip in him, they found one, and when they did, they saw Robert’s name pop up. They also found out that the cat was actually 19 years old, which was a surprise.


Robert shared his thoughts, “I was scared there was some type of misunderstanding.”

After making the necessary arrangements, Robert flew to Los Angeles as soon as he could and then headed to the Camarillo Animal Shelter. He was taken into a separate room, and as they were opening a cardboard box, his eyes began to get more receptive.

After not having seen one other for seven years, Robert and Chebon eventually caught up with one another, and it appeared as though nothing had changed. There was not a single person in the room who was able to contain their tears.

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The marketing manager for Ventura County Animal Services, Randy Friedman, was cited as stating to The Dodo, “Everyone in that room — there was another animal control officer and she was weeping, I was tearing up.” “From the very beginning to the very end, it was magnificent, and the credit goes entirely to a microchip.”

You may witness the heartwarming reunion in this picture:



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