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Baby Girl’s Life Saved by Dog After She Stopped Breathing Midnight


It is always a gift to have a dog around the home since not only are they wonderful and devoted friends, but they may even save your life in an emergency situation.


There have been accounts that we’ve heard of dogs protecting their owners or warning them about potential threats. Now, one mother is hailing her pet dog as a hero for helping to save the life of her infant kid by notifying the parents in a timely manner after the youngster had stopped breathing

Henry is the dog that belongs to Kelly Andrew, who lives in Boston, Massachusetts. Henry is a Boston terrier. Recently, the dog began behaving strangely in the middle of the night, and it kept attempting to enter their nursery when Kelly’s kid was sleeping inside.


Kelly Andrew said that she was “fed up” with the constant disruption caused by her dog to her ill kid. “Throughout the night, the dog kept going into the nursery, where it was keeping the baby, and waking her up. Because she’s been unwell, and because I was becoming more frustrated with him,” Andrew wrote.

Because of the dog’s actions, she had a lot of frustration. On the other hand, she quickly realized that the dog was behaving strangely based on an intuition, and she also realized that the baby had trouble breathing.

Because the dog had been so vigilant, the parent was able to send the kid to the Connecticut Children’s hospital in Hartford as promptly as possible so that they could obtain emergency care.

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“We invested the night at the medical facility. I have no idea what would have taken place if he hadn’t roused her from her sleep. The thankful mother continued by saying, “We don’t deserve pets,” as she continued to share the experience.

At first, Kelly believed that her daughter was suffering from a head cold; nevertheless, it turned out that her daughter was having trouble clearing her airway.

As a result of her inability to get any oxygen, she became bluish and became stiff. The infant was discharged from the hospital a few hours after the trauma, and they sent them home to heal.

Her husband said that they would treat the dog as if he were “lord of the castle” and that the dog “certainly had a steak coming.”

We are overjoyed that this infant is no longer in danger as a result of the fast thinking of this valiant canine. Good guy, Henry! Spread the word about this incredible development to demonstrate how wonderful dogs can be.

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