A woman with a dog phobia adopts a dog with a human phobia, and the two become inseparable. – Animals Nature Press

A woman with a dog phobia adopts a dog with a human phobia, and the two become inseparable.


Teresa Hwang showed how love can overcome all obstacles in a moving story that she posted on TikTok under the user name ketophoria. She was scared of dogs before to meeting Boo, the cute little critter that completely captured her heart at the age of 51.

Teresa, a special education teacher at an elementary school in Oakville, Canada, has had this terrible phobia for the most of her life after getting bitten twice.

Teresa and Boo’s story garnered over 1.6 million views and 449.9 thousand likes on that social media network in only a few days.

Before meeting Teresa, Boo remained at the shelter where she first developed a fear of people. Given that they had been growing together for the past two years, the woman and the dog’s union was certainly a match made in heaven.


The two needed to go forward gradually, and while they did so, they were mindful of their love and tolerance for one another.

Teresa informed Bored Panda that:

It still seems impossible that I have a dog, much less that I love him as much as I do Boo. I tell people that he is like the son I never had. He loves and needs me, but I also adore him. In addition to the joy he has brought into my life, I admire him for everything that makes him who he is.

The woman said that the dogs of her friends bit her in the forehead and leg when she was 10 and 20, respectively. She finally had to cross the street to avoid running into a dog because of her newfound dread of them. even though they were tethered.

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She asked someone who had a dog at home to take the animal away so she could be calm when she went to meet them.

Even though he could sometimes have a lengthy conversation with dogs who were normally friendly, he was always afraid when they growled or barked while they were playing.

Teresa’s boyfriend had been appealing with her for a long to have a dog, but she hadn’t made up her mind until they committed to care after her sister’s 16-year-old doggie for two weeks two years ago.

Prior to going to Niagara Dog Rescue, where they met Boo, who was then known as Patches, the two did a lot of research on various rescue organizations.

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