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A homeless dog is found on vacation and the couple pays $4,500 to bring it home.


A couple from Liverpool who were on holiday in Barbados decide to spend many thousand pounds in order to preserve a stray puppy that they discovered while out and about on the picture-perfect island paradise.

Georgia Harding and her partner, Sam Blackburn, choose to take their vacations in places that provide both beautiful scenery and thrilling activities rather regularly. In spite of the fact that they have a need for excitement, one of their favorite things to do is either engage in activities that provide them pleasure or find themselves in situations that are calm and quiet.

This time, however, he was forced to make adjustments to his plans in order to accommodate the needs of a critically injured animal that required his attention while he was in Barbados.

When the couple was driving around the island to find her, they came upon an abandoned puppy on the side of the road. They decided to take the dog in. The terrified dog, who is now known as Simba, was trembling and shaking when the two people noticed him, so they immediately pulled over and went to help the animal.


It was clear that he hadn’t eaten in days since he was so thin that you could see his skeleton. He was terrified, yet he did not have the strength to run away. Because he was in constant pain whenever he tried to move, it was obvious that he had injured some part of his body.

Georgia and Sam were shaken up by what they had seen and felt obliged to help him in some way, so they packed him up into the car and took him back to the place where they were staying.

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Georgia was quoted in the Liverpool Echo as saying

We took him to the veterinarian, and he predicted that he wouldn’t make it through the first 48 hours because ticks were eating him alive, but we were able to save him.

Because of the couple’s prompt actions, the dog was able to obtain care in a timely way, and despite the fact that everything was expensive, the dog’s health came first in all circumstances.

Georgia also said

With each passing day, he gained more self-assurance, his health became better, and it became increasingly obvious that he still had a shot.

Since Simba’s health prevented him from being put in a foster home, the first objective was to nurse him back to health and then locate a permanent family for him. Even though they knew they couldn’t leave him up to chance, their only choice was to bring him back to his home in Liverpool with them at that time because it was the only alternative available to them.

Georgia commented

“I was unable to find any solace in anything and I was unable to leave him. Because we assisted him in getting well, provided treatment for him, and fixed it, she was able to come back home with us.

The documentation that needed to be completed in order to transport Simba to the UK was a challenge, but they were ready to complete the processes that were necessary. They ultimately succeeded in acquiring them, despite the fact that doing so was not only challenging but also expensive, so that Simba could embark on his journey.

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After landing in the UK, Simba was placed in a quarantine for a period of 21 days as part of the security protocols; nevertheless, he was finally released from his confinement one week ago and was able to return home.

Image | Georgia Harding/Liverpool Echo

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