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Rescuers Save Kittens Found In A Trash Heap And Help Them Find A Forever Home


A caring resident heard meowing coming from a small gap between two walls and went to investigate and found five baby kittens among the debris that had gathered there. The California resident quickly called Hope For Paws, a non-profit animal sanctuary, to ask for help for the distressed kittens.

In an effort to eradicate animal cruelty, homelessness, and neglect, Hope For Paws, a 501c3 organization, rescues animals in the Los Angeles area and worldwide. They not only rescue animals but also look after them, take care of all of their medical requirements, and either return the animals to their original homes or help locate new ones.

Rescue personnel responded quickly to the call and headed to the kittens’ location to save them. Because the rescuers had to climb over a wall with barbed wire at the top and sift through a mound of rubbish in a confined location between two walls, this rescue took considerable physical expertise. The kittens were taken outside using gloves and a thick shipping blanket. Thankfully, there were no injuries to the kittens.

The kittens were saved and relocated to their new permanent homes as a result of this rescue. Instead of attempting to trespass, let’s contact your local rescue or authorities to save any animals you discover in need. You or the animals may get injured if you do this.


Visit Hope for Paws on YouTube to watch many more amazing rescues. Their rescue documentaries aid in educating the public about the value of animals in our lives and helping to increase public awareness of the plight of animals in our society.

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