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The Cutest “Thank You” From A Dog Tangled In A Sheet To The Cop Who Saved Her


Although it’s unknown how this poor dog ended up helplessly wrapped in a piece of fabric outside her Chilean home, there is little question as to who should receive praise for saving her

It’s also clear that she is aware of it.

The dog’s plight was brought to Giovanni Domke’s attention by nearby residents who had heard her frantic calls for assistance.

Domke notified Fernanda Familiar that “the homeowners were not present,” according to the neighbors. “I went into the house to save the dog and borrowed a knife from a neighbor.”


Naturally apprehensive when Domke attempted to rescue her, the fearful dog even nibbled at his extended arm. Domke, though, persevered, and his persistence paid off.

The heartwarming recompense Domke received for his efforts is captured in the dramatic scene’s video:

In response, authorities posted a statement online with the caption, “We are where we are most needed,” which has since garnered praise for Domke’s valiant actions.

One reviewer said, “What a beautiful gesture from the officer.” The canine’s gesture was also far more adorable.

Undoubtedly a job well done.

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