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Cat Trains As A Veterinarian And Calms Panicked Dogs


Meet Ron, the little kitty that has the unique ability to put patients at ease while working at the veterinary office. The cat was found wandering the streets of Colorado and was subsequently rescued. When he initially arrived to Northfield Veterinary Hospital, he was in such a state of panic that the cat spent the whole time hiding. However, he quickly adjusted to his new surroundings and began engaging with the other animals who were brought into the hospital. It seemed as if he was trying to reassure them that everything was going to be well and that they didn’t need to be concerned.

According to Dr. Shelly Sandel, a veterinarian at Northfield Veterinary Hospital and co-owner of the facility, “He would approach any other dog or cat without fear, and would attempt to jump into their cages.” The Dodo reported this information.

“He began snuggling up to any pet who was under anesthesia for dental treatment (not sterile operations),” Sandel added. “He would supply them with body heat.” Even when they were sleeping, he would continue to groom them, giving the impression that he was attempting to reassure them.


The cat worked at the medical facility for a period of three months, pretending to be an employee and performing duties such as visiting patients. According to Jen Weston, the co-owner of the hospital, who was interviewed by Bored Panda, “I would publicize his antics on my Facebook page and he rapidly became a sought service.”

On the other hand, it wouldn’t be long until it was time for him to go on to a warm and welcoming permanent home. According to Sandel, “He lives with a family that has a small kid and an older dog, and it goes without saying that they all adore Ron.” Ron’s household also includes an older dog.

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