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A woman adopts an elderly dog and later discovers it to be her first best friend.


Nicole Renae experienced regular feelings of loneliness as a young child. But when she turned ten, everything changed. For her birthday that year, Nicole’s grandmother gifted her a beautiful gray puppy named Chloe.

From the beginning, they couldn’t be apart.

Nicole admitted to The Dodo, “I just admired her.” She served as my closest friend.

Over the subsequent four years, Nicole and Chloe’s bond developed further. The little dog would give Nicole two times as much love as she offered.


She was such a wonderful dog, Nicole said. She would lick your face indefinitely if you didn’t stop her.

Nicole and Chloe’s time together was regrettably cut short.

When Nicole was 14 years old, her father found a new job that allowed him to work from home, but there was a catch. The home needs to be organized like an office with minimal background noise.

He was told that we were not allowed to keep pets. Chloe was agitated, according to Nicole. “We had no other option. I had absolutely no influence over the matter because I was a little child. It was disastrous. I resisted giving up my dog.

Chloe had to be given up to the local humane society by Nicole and her family. Although they had faith that the puppy would be adopted by a loving family, it was still painful to say goodbye.

Nicole said, “I was terribly unwell and devastated about it. I figured I wouldn’t see or hear from her ever again.

Despite the fact that Chloe was no longer a part of Nicole’s life, she was always on her mind: I made an attempt to contact the humane society to learn what had happened to her, but they were unable to assist me. Thus, I was clueless.

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Nicole completed her education, got married, and had a child, but something was still lacking.

Nicole wished to give her daughter the same happiness she had as a youngster as a result of owning a dog. Before finding a Facebook post about an aging dog in need of a new home, she was debating adopting a puppy.

“When I first saw the dog picture, I said, ‘That dog feels familiar.’ Then I saw Chloe in the name. The spelling of my previous dog was the same, Nicole recalled. “I found that to be such an odd coincidence.”

Then, unaware that the two had already met, Nicole decided to adopt the dog herself.

After meeting her “new” puppy, Nicole experienced a sinister sense.

She simply approached me and started licking my face, she said. As the day went on, all of these characteristics made me think of my last dog.

It seems like Chloe recognized right away that her adoptive was an old friend, and Nicole was soon persuaded of the same.

She simply kept hugging me. I started crying because it made me miss my Chloe so much, Nicole said. “I never thought I’d see my dog again, but I knew it was her in my heart,” the author said.

Nicole hadn’t seen Chloe in eight years, so it’s understandable why she didn’t believe this was the same dog.

Nicole said, “My entire family thought I was nuts. “Everyone believed I was crazy,”

However, Nicole’s mother believed they could test the theory. She called the previous vet’s office to get Chloe’s ID number because she had been microchipped when she was a puppy. Chloe was then scanned on it at a different facility. She had one as well, and in fact:

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“The figures were the same. She was it, Nicole said. “I got the sense that I had struck it rich. It was the most amazing feeling. I figured I’d never run across her again.


Nicole later learned that Chloe had been adopted by an elderly couple not long after being turned over. She had coexisted nicely with them for a while before they died. The dog was once again adopted by a family, but they were unable to maintain her.

After a long absence, Chloe returned home and met her first best friend.

Even at the age of 11, Chloe is still as healthy and energetic as Nicole can remember. These two long-lost friends’ reconnection has, in some ways, transported them both back to their youthful selves.

“I’m ecstatic that she’s back. Every day when I get home from work, I like seeing her, Nicole said. The best thing ever, I say.

There is a lot of catching up and creating new memories for Nicole and Chloe to accomplish. So they’re picking up where they left off all those years ago, but nothing will get in their way this time.

Nicole noted, “She’s made herself at home.” “Chloe is happy. She must comprehend that she will now be with me forever.



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