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The Rescue of a Senior Dog Left in a Cemetery for Dead


The majority of us can agree that the world is a better place thanks to dogs and other pets, which fill our hearts with feelings of love and pleasure. However, despite the fact that they are the ones that protect us from going insane and even to some degree look out for us, the world isn’t always the kindest to them. We hear and witness tales of people rescuing dogs in various areas of the globe on a daily basis. It makes us want to do more, to be of greater service; nevertheless, there are instances when we are unable to do so due to financial or physical limitations. The work of saving strays and animals in peril may seem to be an insurmountable one; nonetheless, there are those who assist make it feasible to accomplish this goal.

The existence of organizations such as Hope For Paws is the reason why so many defenseless animals are rescued and given the opportunity to have a more contented life. Hope For Paws is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that is dedicated to the rescue of animals (E.I.N: 26-2869386). They come to the aid of stray dogs, cats, and other kinds of animals that are neglected in the wild or living in poor conditions on the streets

They seek to bring attention to the plight of abandoned animals by rescuing them and providing educational opportunities. They are contributors to the numerous tales that restore our confidence in mankind, just as this one – the rescue story of a 15-year-old dog that was abandoned in a cemetery late at night. In this particular story, the dog was found abandoned in the cemetery.

This was a recent rescue operation that took place in the previous month. The rescue crew has reported that the instances they are working on are growing progressively more tragic as time goes on. They are at a loss to comprehend why someone would subject an elderly dog that is deaf, blind, and defenseless against her attackers to such treatment in the first place.

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The group of people who work to save animals got a text in the middle of the night informing them that an elderly dog had been left abandoned in a cemetery. They wasted little time in making their way to the cemetery in order to look for the dog. They were acquainted with the spot since it was the same place where they had previously rescued an animal that was in distress.


When the two people who were going to help arrived, it was already late, and the cemetery had already shut its gates to the public. They had no way of knowing that they would be able to hold out until dawn to assist the unfortunate canine in need. They needed to think quickly and devise a plan in order to succeed. After looking through the equipment and provisions that they had taken along with them, they discovered a rope. Because there was no other option, they had no choice but to sneak in via the area’s perimeter, which was protected by a cement wall and a metal fence.

Loreta, one of the people who helped, persevered in spite of the fact that she was terrified and apprehensive to drop down. Eldad was assisting her in navigating the terrain as she was attempting to find out how to descend in a secure manner. It’s a good thing that the wall wasn’t too tall. After landing safely, Loreta instantly noticed the dog — it was hiding from the numerous coyotes that surrounding the area.

The people who came to the dog’s aid approached her with extreme caution and tried to reassure her that they posed no danger by tossing her food. However, as they did this, they had the unfortunate realization that the dog was so old that she was unable to see or locate the food, even if it was right next to her. The dog seemed weak and was clearly shaken to its core.

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It was determined that the only way they would be successful in capturing the dog would be to make use of a humane snare. The dog didn’t put up much of a fight, but it only highlighted how perplexed she was. They continued to place a leash on the dog, give her the name Cashmere, and call her Cashmere once they were successful in gaining control of the dog (a name one of their supporters suggested.)

They provided Cashmere with food and let her to consume it. During the time that this was taking place, they were also considering how they would be able to bring her out through the fence that they had to climb since they knew it would be quite a challenge.

They were able to safely remove Cashmere from the graveyard and transport her to the Hope for Paws rescue van. But before they could go, there was still one thing they needed to accomplish, and that was to assist Loreta in escaping.

They made a number of tries, some of which were humorous, before attempting to lower something she could foot on. Eldad wasted little time in explaining who they were and why they were there to the guy who had approached them to offer assistance as she was leaving the building. It turned out to be a success! After that, they went about the process of gathering all of their gear and loading it into the truck. They have informed CARES, the animal hospital that they are associated with, that they are now traveling to the location.

After coming, the veterinarian examined Cashmere and determined that the elderly woman could still see, although in a cloudy manner. At the time, they also had a rough age estimate for her, which was somewhere around 15 years. After that, Cashmere was given some food and a wash. After that, she was sent to Lionel’s Legacy Senior Dog Rescue, where the volunteers there volunteered to provide her with a temporary home while they searched for a permanent one for her. After a few days of trying, she was finally able to acclimate, and now everyone adores her.

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Even if they are typically given a better home, rescued animals do not ever deserve to be left aimlessly roaming the streets without any assistance. In particular for canines that are as elderly as Cashmere is. Even if she doesn’t have a long life ahead of her, she deserves to be loved by someone who won’t let go of her no matter what.

They came to the conclusion that the elderly dog had been abandoned because either its owners had died away or that they were unable to pay for the canine’s needs anymore. This is a situation that arises more often than we would want, unfortunately. Research indicates that around 70 percent of individuals in the United States do not have a will, and as a consequence, a great number of animals wind up in unfortunate circumstances. On their website, Hope for Paws provides information on how they may assist with the creation of wills that provide for the care of dogs after the owner has died away.

This is just one of the numerous tales of rescuing dogs that are now waiting to be heard and listened to by interested parties. There are so many dogs in the world that are abandoned, abandoned to their own devices, and if they don’t get fortunate, they don’t find a new permanent home to call their own. As responsible dog owners, it is up to us to be able to contribute to the prevention of incidents like these.

Check out the video that’s been provided for you below in case you’re curious about Cashmere and want to learn more about it. We also have more rescue tales and fun dog items for you to enjoy here on our website, so feel free to look around and share what you like with the other people who are equally passionate about dogs.


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