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A Sick, Homeless Husky Gets Better With Some Love


An abandoned husky was discovered wandering the streets of Sacramento, sick, malnourished, and covered in mange.

Early in December, the dog was taken into the custody of the Front Street Animal Shelter staff, who gave her the name Sugar.

When she was originally brought in, the shelter said on Facebook, “With all she has gone through, we are astonished to see her sweet and kind temperament with our employees.”

They described her next path as “a lengthy trek to rehabilitation.”


But by the time Christmas rolled around, Sugar had already made significant progress. She was miraculously well enough to celebrate the holiday with a kind foster family. She managed to become friends with a cheerful little Chihuahua who was healing from burns despite the constant discomfort.

As rescuers searched for a treatment for her mange that didn’t trigger an adverse response, she soon began receiving calming baths.

By the time the holidays arrived, Sugar was receiving both the affection and the medication she required. Under the Christmas tree, she snuggled up to her vivacious foster family.

The shelter wrote last week on Facebook, “She still has a long path ahead of her, but as you can see from the images, life is wonderful for Sugar!”

The new year has already brought Sugar greater luck. How far she has come is evident during a recent visit to the Front Street Animal Shelter.

The shelter posted an update saying, “Sugar’s coat is beginning to regenerate, and she’s blossoming into an extraordinarily affectionate lap dog.”

Sugar, you have our support.

source: Front Street Animal Shelter


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