The dog who lay alongside his master’s every night for ELEVEN YEARS has finally found peace. – Animals Nature Press

The dog who lay alongside his master’s every night for ELEVEN YEARS has finally found peace.


Capitan, a loving dog that spent every night for the last 11 years sleeping by the gravesite of his owner, has gone away.

Miguel Guzman, who had purchased the black Alsatian as a gift for his son Damian, passed away in 2006 at the age of four in Villa Carlos Paz, which is located close to Cordoba, which is the second largest city in Argentina.

After some time had passed, the dog was unable to be discovered, and the family came to the conclusion that he had either been relocated or put down.

But Capitan turned up a number of months later, in 2007, on one of their visits to the tomb. They were astonished to learn from their neighbors that they had begun providing him with food after discovering that he often slept close to the tomb throughout the night.


According to a report in a local newspaper called La Voz, the grieving dog remained in his mournful vigil for almost 15 years, until he passed away a few days ago at the age of around 15 years.

The fact that the cemetery was located such a significant distance from their house and that Capitan had never taken them there before he disappeared was the thing that surprised the family the most.

Veronica Guzman, the wife of Mr. Guzman, was quoted in a newspaper in Cordoba, Argentina, six years ago, speaking about the pet’s burial vigil. She said, “We hunted for him but he had disappeared.” We supposed that he had been run over and killed by an automobile.

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On the next Sunday, we went back to the cemetery, and Damian immediately recognized his cat. When Captain came up to us, he started howling and barking as if he was sobbing.

She went on to say, “We had never brought him to the cemetery, so it’s a wonder how he discovered it.” We had never taken him to the cemetery.

“When we went back the next Sunday, he was still there,” they said. This time, he came home with us and hung out with us for a bit before leaving to visit the cemetery again before it got dark.

I don’t believe that he intended to leave Miguel all by himself throughout the night.

“He showed up here one day, all by himself, and began wandering all over the cemetery until he ultimately identified his master’s grave,” the director of the cemetery, Hector Baccega, said of the dog. “He started wandering all over the cemetery until he eventually located his master’s tomb.”

He may take a walk around the cemetery throughout the day, but he always makes his way back to the spot where he was laid to rest. And at precisely six o’clock in the evening, he makes his way to the top of the grave, where he remains there throughout the night.’


The personnel at the cemetery took care of the obedient puppy by providing it with food and water.

Damian, the son of Mr. Guzman, said that he had made many attempts to bring Capitan back home with him, but that Capitan always went back to the cemetery.

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A sad addition was made when he said, “I think he’ll stay there until he dies, too.” My father is in good hands because of him.

After her master, Hidesaburo Ueno, passed away in May 1925 due to an accident at work, it is said that an Akita called Hachiko waited at a railway station in Tokyo each day for the next nine years for her master to return.



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