After so many years, a woman reunites with her one and only horse. – Animals Nature Press

After so many years, a woman reunites with her one and only horse.


Erin Herberger of Brighton, New York, and her horse Nemo appear to have experienced a lot of luck in their lives. A turn of events brought them together, tore them apart, and then ten years later brought him back into her life.

Herberger has no desire to release Nemo ever again now that he is back where he belongs!

When the young teaching student met and bought Nemo in 2004, he was an ex-racehorse with a bleak future. She had joined a friend to a nearby track who was looking to purchase a retired racer. Herberger wasn’t planning on acquiring her own horse, but fate has a way of working itself out.

Due to Herberger’s busy work as a full-time substitute teacher, they parted ways after two years together and she gave Nemo to a nearby barn. She was promised that she could visit him whenever she wanted and that the collegiate equestrian team that trained there would pay him lots of attention.


Nemo disappeared a little over a year later. Herberger only knew that he had been bought by someone in Virginia.

She told the Democrat & Chronicle, “I was already so sad that I had to say goodbye to him in the first place, but at least I knew he was remaining nearby. “I was in shock.”

Herberger was engaged, planning her wedding, and working with local horses at Blumont Stables in Victor, New York, over ten years later.

A message with the heading “For sale: Finding Nemo” appeared in the Blumont horse trainer’s inbox in November 2016. The images revealed a bay horse aged 15 with a recognizable white star on his face. Herberger found it hard to believe. Her Nemo was there!

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Heberger was able to repurchase Nemo with the aid of her family, trainer, and Nemo’s prior owners! She is retraining him to leap while she is boarded with him at Blumont.

Heberger admitted, “I didn’t believe I’d ever be able to have a horse again. It’s a realization of a dream.

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