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Everyday While Waiting For The Bus With His Girl, Loyal Dog Watches Over Her Safety


Internet users have been captivated by adorable videos showing a little white dog escorting a child from a bus stop in China. Many people are in awe of the amazing friendship that has grown between the two of them.

Every morning, the daughter is accompanied by this tiny pooch, who makes sure she arrives at the school bus stop safely.

He returns to the same place in the afternoon to pick her up, and they joyfully stroll home together.

The pictures show the dog wagging his tail in excitement as soon as he sees the yellow school bus coming.


He rose to fame online after the mother of the young child decided to post the video on China’s Douyin website.

In the first video, the dog appeared to be quite excited to see the bus come. Later, a teacher is seen getting off the bus to help a student board while the dog excitedly walked around both of them.

A another video shows the dog gazing at the little girl as she enters the bus and then watching as it pulls away from the station.

The puppy reportedly performs this daily, according to the girl’s mother, who is known as “Yu Xi Ma Ma” in Douyin, and she made the decision to publicize this act of devotion and defense.

According to the Daily Mail, the woman stated:

Even as a young puppy, he can detect the sound of a school bus. He offers my daughter this every morning and night.

In another video, a dog eager to welcome the girl after her kindergarten classes is seen attempting to board the bus.

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CREDITS: Douyin/76457104


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