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Homeless Dog Found In Garbage Becomes A Lion He Deserves To Be


Julia Marie Werner, a German photographer living in Spain, fell head over heels in love with a scruffy stray dog the moment she saw him digging through her garage for crumbs of food. The dog was destitute. She saw a courageous little lion when everyone else saw nothing but a homeless mutt, and now she wants to share her vision with the world via these uplifting images so that everyone may feel the same way she does.

Julia said to Bored Panda that she immediately thought of Simba when she saw him. “And I am a great Lion King Fan. Because of this, we were able to piece the mane together in the afternoon with the help of a friend of mine who had some extra fabric.

The project is referred to as Grossstadtlowe, which literally translates to “Big City Lion,” and the name of the adorable canine model is Tschikko Leopold von Werner. And as you can see for yourself from these photographs, he really does exude the air of a monarch reigning over the (urban) jungle!


Julia said that “at the beginning, he was a really insecure person.” Someone who is very knowledgeable about dogs advised me that the greatest thing I could do for my dog is to “work” with him and teach him some skills. He enjoys bouncing on various objects and making use of the mane. The image is both a game and a collaborative effort between the two of us.

Julia thinks that after being thrown from a vehicle in Spain, Tschikko was left to fend for himself on the streets by himself. Since then, he has made significant progress not just in terms of his mental state but also in terms of his physical location; once Julia made the decision to adopt him, she moved Tschikko back to Germany to live with her there.

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Julia said that everyone seemed to snap photographs of him. “Little children are often inquiring as to whether or not he is a genuine lion!”


credits: dailyphew.com

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