The unconditional love of a 7-year-old girl saved and transformed the life of this dejected cat. – Animals Nature Press

The unconditional love of a 7-year-old girl saved and transformed the life of this dejected cat.


This misformed cat was abandoned on the streets of Istanbul, Turkey. Since of the cat’s appearance, many observers avoided her because they thought she was too close to passing away.

But by showing the cat the power of love, this young girl succeeded where many others had failed.

Until a 7-year-old girl saw it on the streets, this cat was abandoned because it was too ugly and too late to save it. The famished tiny calico begged for help while also being afraid and in distress.

The young girl did something most children wouldn’t have done: she hurried the calico to her father, who quickly brought her to the veterinary hospital.


The kitten had noticeable facial abnormalities as well as a mite infestation.

The vet came up with a daring plan to keep her alive. I needed a miracle.

The nurses and veterinarian were moved by this girl’s kindness. Many individuals found it difficult to gaze at this kitty. But not this little child.

The kitten was delighted to get the attention she had so desperately wanted. She kept thanking her carers and purred nonstop.

Her harshest features were surgically mended while the medical team slowly but surely nurtured her back to health.

The little one never left the calico’s side. They have never been separated since the start.

Once she was out of danger and mostly recovered, they gave her the name Gülümser, which means “she who always smiles.”
Just look at her now! How wonderful!

The medical staff worked a miracle, but the real hero was this child’s devotion for an unwanted cat.

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Angels may appear in a number of ways, but in this case, it just so happened to be a 7-year-old Turkish girl.

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