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Opossum with a baby found almost dead embracing her savior


Judy Obregon came upon a pregnant opossum and stopped, sparing the life of the defenseless animal even though she seemed to be dead. When Judy got a closer look at what at first glance looked to be a dead opossum on the road, the small animal raised its head.

When Judy approached her, she saw that the girl was not only hurt but also pregnant; it was evident that a pellet gun had been used to shoot her.

Judy stated to The Dodo:

I was aware that I couldn’t simply leave.


In order to wait for Tabatha, a wildlife rehabilitator, to come, she put the possum in a box and transported it to her mother-in-house. law’s

Cathy remarked:

She never once attempted to bite me. She is aware that I am not intending to harm her. I believe she has a chance.

The poor Angel the opossum, who was terrified, hugged Tabatha’s spouse to make her feel secure.

Since she saves dogs and cats, Judy, the founder of an animal rescue organization in Fort Worth, Texas, encounters these kinds of scenarios frequently.

John stated:

“Considering that I often rescue dogs and cats, this was unusual. Although this is unusual for me, I wouldn’t have missed it. She was a living creature when I found her, and her heart was pounding.

Since then, Angel has healed and been let to roam free on a 60-acre parcel of land. She currently lives happily on the property, where there is also a pond and lake, with other possums.

On Facebook, The Abandoned Ones “Saving Animals in Danger” stated:

“Her young are all alert and healthy within their pouch. Angel will now live blissfully, safe from further damage from others. Many thanks to Tabitha and all who have shared this motivational story!

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