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Cute Video of a Mother Moose Guiding Her Young Child Across a Road


In the forest, Steve Muise, who lives in Alberta, Canada, is accustomed to seeing many deer and fawns, but this week he came across a mother and kid pair, which touched his heart even more.

When Muise and his wife, Lalaine, were returning from a trip to Edmonton, they saw a mother moose standing by the side of the road with her young calf.

They stopped, astounded by the cuteness of the tiny child. The little calf followed his mother across the street safely with his legs still shaking and fur slicked down.

The muises simply stood there admiring the scene and waving down oncoming cars to give the animals some room.


Few people have ever seen calves so young, according to Steve Muise of The Dodo. “I think it was born just a few hours ago.”

As the new little family moved to the other side of the road, Muise was reminded how special the bond between animal mom and child is as she drove home.

Since Muise released the video of the sweet encounter online, it has been viewed thousands of times, and he is happy that he will always be able to recall the pleasant experience.

Nothing compares to witnessing a close-knit family; after all, this is the season for births.

Driving teacher Muise remarked of the footage, “My students were swept away by the film.” It’s among the most amazing things I’ve ever witnessed.

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