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UNWANTED DOG Crawls Under Their Gate, Seeking a Home, But Their Wife Won’t Give In


For a variety of causes, dogs become homeless. We try our hardest to reunite them with their family when they go missing because it happens frequently. One day a dog came to a family’s house and wouldn’t leave.

Her husband thought she was really cute. The collar she was sporting was tattered. The wife did not like the dog and wished for her to leave. She would bring her own dogs inside because she was concerned they would be attacked by the strange dog. But the dog’s body was devoid of any ugly or hostile bones!

She probably belonged to someone in the area or a nearby town, the pair reasoned. The husband would stay to welcome her when she arrived, but the wife would become upset. She believed she was a bother, writes pawmypets.com


The considerate husband recommended writing her owner a message and mounting a camera on her so they could monitor her whereabouts. At that point, a sad event took place.

From the footage, they can tell that the adorable puppy was shunned everywhere she went. She was led away from their property. She could hear some of the residents next door screaming for her to leave. It was a catastrophe. All this adorable puppy wants is to be loved.

The couple asked their veterinarian to visit to assess her condition and offer any advice. He approached the dog and gave it a close look. He was certain she was from someone because she was so well-behaved and friendly. He informs the pair that the dog is used to receiving affection and petted, which accounts for her tenderness.

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She beams as she crawls under their obstruction every day. That might reject her, perhaps?

The wife finally changes her mindset. After watching the video of everyone shooing the dog away and hearing the veterinarian’s explanation, she felt awful for the dog. She and her husband agree to keep the dog and take care of her until her owner is found. They will undoubtedly keep her and cherish her if her owner is unable to lie.

We are happy that the wife changed her mind, despite the fact that she was first difficult. The complete story is available below. The overarching message is to never ever assume anything, despite the silly music and images. Love first, then raise questions!

Source: pawmypets.com

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