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Fearful Dog Continues Hugging Her Rescuers, Who Are Very Grateful


Natalie Olivieri serves as the vice president of the animal rescue group Furever Bully Love Rescue, which is headquartered in Orlando, Florida. She found Harper, a dog who had been abandoned, next to a huge field in the city of Redland, in the state of Florida. The volunteers do all in their power to provide food for the many strays that are known to congregate in this region.

Unfortunately, there is a big number of dogs who need emergency help, but the number of volunteers that the rescue groups have is inadequate to meet the demand. She was aware that she had been abused and subjected to traumatic experiences. At the time, she was just over a year old and had been living in Redlands for around five months at that point.

To which The Dodo replied, “Natalie,”

This site serves mostly as a dumping ground for dogs. People usually simply leave them where they are.


Because the dog had scars all over her body, which suggested that she had been abused in the past, Natalie made the choice to adopt her. She put a collar on the terrified puppy as quickly as she could, but all of a sudden, she found herself being paralyzed by panic.

Natalie explains:

“Harper and five other canines left the home together. The moment Harper got close to us and made eye contact with any of us, she froze up in sheer fright.

As soon as they arrived in Orlando, they made an appointment with a local veterinarian, where it was determined that she suffered from anemia, worms, and a tooth infection. Treatment was begun for all of this, but her anxiety around other people proved to be the most difficult part to address. She first struggled to even get up, and her volunteers supported her in using the toilet as she desperately clung to them. Later, she was able to stand on her own again.

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Jennifer Adorno, who works with Furever Bully Love Rescue, made the following statement:

“Such a tender touch from a dog is something I’ve never seen before.”

Cheryl Kessler, Harper’s mother, was able to see a gradual improvement in her daughter’s behavior when the latter was put in the care of a foster family.

What Cheryl meant was:

She jumps to her feet and dashes out of the kennel in a hurry. She is nothing more than a typical, run-of-the-mill dog who is relieving herself in the backyard. I find it fascinating to see her as she breaks out of her reserved demeanor and develops her own individuality.

A few weeks later, they found out she was going to have puppies, and she ended up having eight of them. All of the puppies were adopted out to good families. Harper came to the realization that she would now have love and food regardless of the circumstances.

Dogs like Harper, who have been through difficult times, always have a thankful attitude and are friendly to others. It seems as if they are remembering how lucky they were to finally have a home and a lot of love for one another.

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