After receiving love, a starving dog discovered on a sidewalk on the verge of death was transformed into a new dog. – Animals Nature Press

After receiving love, a starving dog discovered on a sidewalk on the verge of death was transformed into a new dog.


Los Angeles Police Department officers discovered Spirit Golden Heart, a pit bull, emaciated and malnourished on the streets of Los Angeles.

According to the website of Ghetto Rescue, “She was only hours away from going death, with big ticks eating on her malnourished body and maggots growing in her open wounds.” [Citation needed] Because we could see that she had courage, we gave her the name Spirit Golden Heart. Spirit was hastily taken by the rescuers to the veterinarian, who then started the mending procedure. Her red blood cell count has significantly improved, and her protein level has returned to normal after a number of treatments, including several infusions, blood transfusions, repeated trips to the doctor, and several days spent in the hospital.

She is referred to as a “chubby little parlor girl” by her adoptive mother, who adores her and believes that she deserves a good existence. Spirit, you are worthy of the very best.


Spirit was diagnosed with polyarthritis after her rescuers brought her to the veterinarian to be checked out.

After undergoing a significant amount of therapy, the dog improved in both her weight and her blood tests.

Her adoptive mother adores her and has commented on how much of a couch potato she has become.
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Dogs Heartwarmin

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