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Animal Victim Left On Interstate Feels Worth It Once More


A parcel was discovered by a kind soul abandoned on the side of the road. The gift looked like a rolled-up blanket, and inside of it was a sickly dog in its last moments. The skin and bones of the thin puppy, who was subsequently given the name Harris, were all that remained. The Saint Louis Stray Animal Rescue (SR) medical clinic received him when he was brought there.

To our regret, it was very evident that Harris had not just been abandoned. He has a terrible history of being ignored and mistreated. What could possibly motivate a human being to do damage to such a lovely creature is beyond our comprehension. To our great fortune, there are a far greater number of decent individuals in our world than there are wicked ones. You are going to witness that Harris will make a lot of friends who will do all they can to make sure he has a life that is full of joy and good health. Harris was originally unconscious when he was brought into the medical facility. The medical team attended to his wounds and administered pain medication and fluids to him through an intravenous line (IV). The volunteers sat down next to him, anticipating a response from the adorable child. There was nothing more that could be done other than wait.

The team at SR developed a sign to remind Harris that he is loved, that his life counts, and most importantly, that he is courageous. They did this because they were aware that a fighting spirit and mental toughness are essential components in the process of recovery.

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After some time had passed and it had become apparent that Harris was not reacting well, a shelter volunteer made the decision to sleep with Harris in order to provide him with comfort.
See, we told you that there are a far greater number of nice individuals than there are nasty people in this world.

After a few days, Harris was able to raise his head and feed on his own. At first, he had to be fed via a tube, but after that, he was able to eat on his own! Look at him! What a brave little fighter! Then, as if by some kind of miracle, tiny Harris gets up and goes to the bathroom to wash his hair! Take a look at how adorable he is! This lower lip is going much too far!

Harris will be taking his first steps very soon. What a marvel of nature! He is given assistance, but not long after that, as can be seen in the video that follows, he is walking on his own! Every day, Harris amazes the volunteer rescuers with new accomplishments and responsibilities. They had their doubts about whether or not he would survive. Naturally, they held out hope, and naturally, they never gave up, yet whenever Harris accomplished anything, his fellow humans were taken aback by his success. They continued to refer to it as a miracle. And that is undoubtedly the case! Because Harris is such a good dog, he decides to give up. Harris is a hero who never fails to make his rescuers proud. He is beaming with happiness and exudes even more self-assurance at this point. The process of healing is continuing, but there is no question in anyone’s mind that he will make a complete recovery and find the ideal home to call his own forever.
You may find out more about Harris and his extraordinary path of transformation and hope by watching the video that has been provided below.

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Please give some thought to making a donation to the Stray Rescue of Saint Louis. They are great as well!



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