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A man shares his home with dogs that he rescues from natural disasters.


Keith Benning is the person responsible for establishing Turtle Mountain Animal Rescue (TMAR), which is located in Rolla, North Dakota (United States). Since he started volunteering with animal shelters in 2015, he has been able to save the lives of a number of animals. Keith is of the opinion that it is our responsibility to look out for the well-being of animals.

This individual and his team are dedicated to rescuing animals who have been orphaned as a result of natural catastrophes like as floods, tornadoes, or any other natural calamity. Many of these animals have lost their families in the aftermath of the tragedy.

Keith shared the following statement in a video with The Dodo:

“I am not a hero by any means. Because our species was the one that first tamed animals, we owe those creatures our appreciation. I’m only doing what’s expected of me.”


After the animals have been rescued, Keith and the other staff members at the shelter either look for the animals’ original owners or enroll them in adoption programs so that they may start a new life. They go to the places affected by the disaster in order to save the animals and then take them with them. the perfect nuclear family

Keith, who in addition to his duties at the shelter also serves as a municipal judge in the county, is particularly happy with the job that he does there. The Turtle Mountain Animal Rescue Shelter may be found inside a metal building that has dimensions of forty feet by sixty feet. Within the structure, Keith and his associates make their home.

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TMAR is a non-profit organization that was established in 2015 with the goal of supporting local communities by providing low-cost sterilization programs, animal rescue and care, and other related services. It offers activities for youth participation and is a wonderful assistance in the battle against the overpopulation of animals.

Despite the fact that they were sheltering between 20–30 rescued animals each month when they first started out, it was a challenge to keep things going smoothly for the whole animal rescue staff. But as of late, it’s been anything from sixty to one hundred animals every single month.

During the previous five years, this refuge has provided assistance to between 4,000 and 5,000 animals. fantastic job Keith and the other members of his team make their home in one-third of the building, which serves primarily as a haven for people.


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