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Security Officer Honored For Using An Umbrella To Protect A Dog In The Rain


A security guard at a supermarket chain in Giffnock, Scotland (UK), earned recognition for a brave act and was recognized for it. Ethan Dearman was doing his job duties outside the shops when he was seen shielding a dog from the rain by holding an umbrella over the animal and taking it with him.

Mel Gracie, a tattoo artist from Glasgow who happened to be present at the time, made the decision to snap a photo of the guy while he was working and then post it on Twitter. This is what she wrote:

Give a big round of applause to this security guy from Morrisons for preventing this beautiful youngster from getting wet. It is impossible to predict how a dog would behave while it is raining.

The piece was met with a great deal of positive reception, and it quickly amassed more than 146,000 likes and more than 19,000 retweets. People on the social network praised the security officer for how he interacted with Freddy, a golden retriever, and remarked that he deserved some kind of gift for his charming answer.


The following information was provided by a spokesman for the Morrisons supermarket chain:

Because we anticipate that this week will be wet, we have distributed nine thousand umbrellas to our clients so that they, together with their animals, may stay dry. It is heartening to know that it has already taken place at our Giffnock store.

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After viewing her image and how well-known her gesture had become, Ethan decided to share it and leave a comment on the post that was made on Twitter:

“I never in a million years expected to have such a large following on Twitter. I was aware that I was making others happy, but this is a whole new experience for me, haha.



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