Man adopted the tumor-bearing dog so that it might live out its last days in love. – Animals Nature Press

Man adopted the tumor-bearing dog so that it might live out its last days in love.


When a man in Argentina made the selfless decision to take in a sick dog with a tumor so that the animal might live out his last days surrounded by affection, he gave the animal the most heartwarming farewell gift possible. A man named Luciano Karosas from the neighborhood of Berazategui in Buenos Aires made the decision to bring the dog into his house during the last weeks of his life.

The dog, whose former name was “Coconut,” and who he ultimately decided to call “Thanos,” had been rejected by a number of families due to his condition before he was adopted by this man.

Thanos was fortunate in that Luciano arrived there; upon hearing Thanos’s terrible story, Luciano immediately made the decision to take action in order to change the events of Thanos’s last hours on Earth.

Thanos’ sickness quickly spread to his skull when he was diagnosed with cancer, where it eventually resulted in the development of a huge tumor.


The dog used to belong to a family, but they made the choice to relinquish ownership of it once they learned how difficult it would be to care for the animal given its illness.

He had been adopted by a number of families, but because of his sickness, they were unable to properly care for him. As a result, he was returned to the shelter, where he met Luciano.

The only time the 21-year-old ever contemplated a solution was when Thanos told him about himself, his story, and the fact that he just had a few days left to live before he would die.

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After moving, Luciano couldn’t shake the feeling that he needed to take in Thanos as his own, bring him inside, and shower him with love during his dying days.

Portal Amigo Cao heard Luciano say:

I left with a piece of my heart in my pocket.

Luciano was adamant about making Thanos’ dying moments as memorable as possible, but he refused to accept the fact that there was nothing he could do to change the animal’s health.



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