The discovery of 20 abandoned puppies on the side of the road shocks the man. – Animals Nature Press

The discovery of 20 abandoned puppies on the side of the road shocks the man.


A man was strolling through Essex, England, when he came upon a cage that had been left by the side of the road. He was shocked to discover 20 fearful, curled-up pups when he got closer to check what was inside.

The RSPCA was contacted right away, and when they arrived with Inspector Sian Ridley and Animal Rescue Officer Enola Evans, they discovered the tiny puppies confined in a metal cage.

In a news release sent to his website, Sian stated:

“When they told me how many pups there were, I truly thought they had made a mistake. I could not believe that someone had abandoned 20 puppies! They were all afraid and shy when we got there, so it was dreadful to see them all huddled in a cage; it was a pitiful sight.


The abandoned puppies were taken to the doctor right away, where it was established that they were from different litters and may be a mix of jackapoos. One of the babies was in poor condition; Enola took care of him, but despite receiving medical attention, he did not survive.

Sian elaborated.

“I’d want to thank everyone who stopped to aid these puppies, as well as the vets who were able to care for [the] puppies for a weekend in such a short period. It’s difficult to say where they [puppies] originate from… I believe they are from a hatchery.”

The 14 males and 5 females of the rescued puppies, who were between 6 and 8 weeks old, were thought to be from two or more separate litters. Puppies that are a little bit larger are typically cockapoo or poodle hybrids.

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Fortunately, some of the puppies have permanent homes thanks to the personnel at the veterinary clinic where they are being treated. They are now being fostered.

Despite the staggering number of puppies left behind in that place, they were thankfully found in time, and these little ones now have loving homes where they may thrive and be really happy.

Sian said in her conclusion:

“Even if things are tough right now, abandoning little pups like these is careless and cruel. Please never leave your pet behind; instead, ask for help before things go worse.


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