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A Man Saves A Blind Dog Who Was Lost For A Week In The Woods


The family of the dog and all of his neighbors in San Lorenzo Valley, California, have hailed the rescuer of a blind dog who had been lost in the woods as a local hero. When Dan Estrada was off duty, he went for a walk with a friend in the forest behind his house, but he never imagined that he would end up saving a dog.

The man only wanted to take a stroll to spend some time with his friend, so he packed his luggage and set off with his two dogs. As they approached a stream, though, they were in for a surprise.

On the edge of the creek, a 12-year-old Labrador dog named Sage was discovered. Sage was also completely blind and did not move. Sage had disappeared from her home eight days prior, and her family had searched in vain for her.


According to Sage’s family, they once intended to go to sleep regularly, but the next morning they discovered their cherished pet had vanished. Although it is uncertain how she got missing, her family actually started looking for her and enlisted the help of all of her neighbors and family members.

Additionally, they employed a qualified dog tracker, distributed hundreds of posters across the neighborhood, and posted pictures on several social media sites.

The worst was feared because to their condition and the prevalence of pumas in the area after several days of unsuccessful searching.

Beth Cole, Sage’s mother, said to The:

“For a week, day and night, our friends and other neighborhood residents helped us with our quest.”

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Sage was fortunately found by the water, waiting for assistance, by Dan and his other companions. Dan noticed that Sage had lifted his head when he heard people approaching and ran up to give her a bear embrace.

Dan remarked:

“When we learned she was still alive, I dove into the sea and grabbed her. It really was a miracle.

Sage was well-known to the man because he frequented the house of his owners’ two dogs and lived close by. Dan carried Sage up the hill on his shoulders since she was exhausted and frail from spending a week stranded in the woods.

Dan’s wife informed Sage’s folks, who quickly picked her up and took her to a veterinary clinic. Despite many examinations and a thorough physical examination, the veterinarian said the dog was in good condition.

Since they had been in the dark regarding Sage’s whereabouts for some days, his family was glad to learn that he was already safe.

The entire community gathered to celebrate Sage’s return, including a neighbor who prepared a steak and hosted a welcome party for him. Sage’s family was so grateful that they offered Dan a gift, but the man suggested they donate it to a shelter for animals.

Dan has received thousands of emails from people who are moved by what happened as word of the heartwarming rescue story has traveled over the world.

The fact that Sage was able to go back home and will now be able to spend her days with her family is what is most important.



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