When the owner can no longer hunt, she ab.andons her paraIyzed dog. – Animals Nature Press

When the owner can no longer hunt, she ab.andons her paraIyzed dog.


Sometimes, when a dog is ab.andoned, we hear of the hardships they endure to the point where they almost give up.

Many times, if they receive the right amount of care and attention from kind people, they may have excellent, long, and happy lives.

Avellana was a dog that had been abandoned and was undoubtedly in need of some care. She endured by her master, who was a hunter, like many dogs of her breed do.

Avellana was left by her owner in Spain when she got disabled and was unable to hunt any more.

Thank goodness, there were those who were prepared to enter and offer assistance. Galgos del Sol is a rescue dedicated to rescuing dogs of that breed in particular. They are established in Spain and specialize in the rescue of podenco and galago breeds.


Galgos del Sol obviously has a lot of work ahead of them considering how many people are abandoned each year, according to their Facebook team. It was said:

With tens of thousands of galgos and podencos still alive every year, “we combine preserving as many as we can while still managing to maintain a good standard of living where the dogs receive lots of love & focus, rehabilitation, medical attention, and time outside the kennels. It’s a fine balance, but I believe we achieve it.

They were thankfully also present for Avellana. Even though her former owner left her behind because of her immunological disorder, which led to inflammation of her nerve system, the rescue was there to assist her with the necessary physiotherapy and exercises.

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After some time, she was able to move her limbs again, and with a lot of effort, she even started to walk. Currently, Avellana lives with Anne in a warm home where she can enjoy time with other dogs and lead the life she ought to lead.

Source: pawmypets.com

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