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Puppy Refuses To Leave Cardboard Box In Which Her Owner Has Left Her


Harvest was just 10 months old when she was abandoned in a private neighborhood in a cardboard box. She remained faithfully in the box overnight till a Good Samaritan discovered her the next day.

The mother was astonished to see Harvest in the box without food or drink on a scorching summer day. Even though it was 104 degrees Fahrenheit, the puppy never wandered.

“She never left the box,” said Patti Dawson, president of Dallas Canine. “She was only waiting for someone to return.”

Harvest astounded animal control officers by remaining in the box the entire journey to the sanctuary. They put the puppy and her box in a kennel, thinking she was paralyzed.


Harvest eventually crept out of the box, and sanctuary volunteers opted to keep her company.

“They left the box in her kennel for her safety,” Dawson explained.

Harvest cowered in the corner of her kennel throughout the first few days at the shelter. “You can see her shoulders and body twitching with worry,” Dawson observed.

Harvest, on the other hand, was adored by everyone who encountered her. Despite her fear, she had a great temperament, and she gradually began to grow.

Harvest was taken in by Dallas Dog two weeks after her rescue and immediately placed in a loving foster home. Harvest’s genuine personality quickly emerged in her new environment.

Harvest is now full of energy, according to her foster mom, and she enjoys racing around with her foster siblings. Harvest enjoys cuddling on the sofa and watching television with her family when she’s in a good mood.

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“It took her about a week to fully open up, and she hasn’t slowed down or looked back since,” Dawson explained.

Dallas Canine is currently in the process of finding the best forever family for Harvest, which is going a lot faster than normal. “She’s just among those canines,” Dawson claimed. “She has 3 meet and greets this week.”

In the meantime, Harvest will certainly maintain soaking up the unique love her foster family provides her, never ever having to tip foot in a cardboard box again.

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