Thanks to the lady who found him, a paraIyzed kitten on the verge of has been given a new lease of life. – Animals Nature Press

Thanks to the lady who found him, a paraIyzed kitten on the verge of has been given a new lease of life.


Wheels the cat has been given a new lease on life after being discovered nearly lifeless in someone’s yard in Pen Argyl, Pennsylvania.

The unfortunate little cat was seen by Jennifer Spearmint, who has saved many cats in the past, and she felt she couldn’t just leave him there. She determined to assist him without second thoughts.

She carried him home and started giving him the tender loving care he much needed, writes

She honestly did not notice anything was incorrect at first glance. On closer inspection, she saw that Tires was paralyzed in his back end. Eventually, she had observed that he had not been moving around much.


He needs a small wheelchair to move around because his back legs are immobile, which is how he received the name “Wheels.”

His brand-new car’s wheels were changed very quickly, and he can move about as normally as if he weren’t paralyzed.

Wheels, despite being paralyzed, is much like any other cat and blends in perfectly with the others.

He denies having a disability. He runs right in with them and is right there with them, among the pet cats, Spearmint said.

Tires definitely wouldn’t have survived much longer out there on his own if Spearmint hadn’t seen him and decided to help him.



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