When Rooster visits an auto shop one day, he decides to start working there. – Animals Nature Press

When Rooster visits an auto shop one day, he decides to start working there.


Last summer, a rooster wandered by R and R Garage in North Carolina on an ordinary day and didn’t seem to be planning to go anywhere. When the workers departed for vacation, they anticipated that he would move on to a new site since they thought he had been abandoned and started feeding him leftovers from the shop refrigerator.

They gave him the name Earl since he was still there when they all got back, and he has served as the shop rooster ever since.


Unless the weather is terrible, Earl sleeps in a neighboring tree at night, and then everyone makes sure he’s safe inside for the night. Earl excitedly welcomes his coworkers as they arrive for the day every morning, and he’s developed a regular rhythm around the business that everyone has grown to know and appreciate.


He comes racing in as the first man goes in to open up for the day, according to Joe Gallo, co-owner of R and R Garage, who was speaking to The Dodo. He wanders around the store looking for any bugs after getting his cup of scratch. For spiders and everything else he can find, he looks beneath every toolbox and workbench.

Following his daily breakfast quest, Earl enjoys following the staff members around the garage and interacting with them. He seemed to think of him as merely another garage worker, as he now is.

Gallo said, “He’ll come up to the shop and sleep in a corner or beneath the car you’re working on. “He doesn’t care about people walking by or loud noises. Since he sleeps in front of the office door, we have accidentally run over him several times.

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Earl doesn’t seem to realize that he gets in the way a lot.

…and everyone at the store has just come to terms with the fact that they all have to work around their mascot, a rooster, on a daily basis.

Earl has been “working” at the company for so long that he’s almost a celebrity in the neighborhood. Everyone at the shop has been incredibly accepting of their tiny feathered employee. To further demonstrate to him that he is a legitimate part of the team, they are even revamping their logo and buying jerseys with his face on them.

Gallo said, “We can’t believe how much attention Earl is getting… he’s the talk of the town now. “Sometimes customers bring more friends or family members to meet Earl when they come to pick up their cars,” says Earl.



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