When a woman sees a stray dog with a heavy chain around her neck, she slams on the brakes. – Animals Nature Press

When a woman sees a stray dog with a heavy chain around her neck, she slams on the brakes.


The four-lane busy highway’s shoulder was where the German shepherd mix was standing. If she simply moved one step toward the road, she would be struck.

When Ashli Garza saw this stray dog while travelling to a business appointment in Mission, Texas, she suddenly found herself slamming on the brakes.

Garza, a freelance rescuer based in Texas, told The Dodo, “I wasn’t sure what I was going to do since there are so many strays around here, and not all of them are easily catchable because they’re used to being shooed or handled cruelly.” We have a Facebook group for lost and found dogs in our region, so my first thought was to capture a picture of her before she went away. As soon as she approached, I knew she was nice, so I pulled over and opened my door.

Garza saw the corroded, muddy chain that was hung around the dog’s neck.


Garza stated, “It was wrapped twice. “I’m surprised that the only harm it caused was some minor skin irritation and rubbing off,” the speaker said. I don’t know how she would have held her head up, and I’m not exaggerating.

Garza still had a work appointment and a wedding dress for her best friend in her car that couldn’t get dirty, but she was unable to leave the dog behind because she believed that her prior owner had abandoned her.

Oh my God, this dog is filthy, I’m thinking. My friend’s wedding dress is in my car. Garza said, “This could really go south fast.”

Garza, however, disregarded her worries and tricked the dog into getting into the rear of her car. The dog’s chain, which weighted around 20 pounds, was next attempted to be removed, but Garza was unable to accomplish it on her own.

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Garza kept an eye on the dog in her rearview mirror as she drove to her appointment.

Garza said, “She just sat up and glanced out the window. She would turn to look at me and then turn away. She would lie down before rising. She had obviously never ridden in a vehicle before.

After her visit, Garza traveled to the home of her friend Luz Guzman, where they collaborated to remove the dog’s chain.

“I thought of using bolt cutters… but we managed to get it over her head,” said Garza.

Until Garza could locate a rescue organization to care for the dog, now known as Penelope, Guzman decided to foster her. Penelope is doing well.

Garza said, “Obviously, based on that sequence, I can image how she was handled.” It surprises me a little that she’s so upbeat. It took place really soon.

Garza wishes Penelope’s story might encourage people to help stray puppies in need when they encounter them.

Since I seldom see strays or injured dogs, “many people say,” “I don’t know how I’m going to find all of these pets,” Garza clarified. But they’re someplace out there. We frequently pass them.

Garza said, “We need to have a heart. “A gift is compassion.”


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