She didn’t hesitate when her husband asked her to choose between him and her dogs. – Animals Nature Press

She didn’t hesitate when her husband asked her to choose between him and her dogs.


There isn’t much that can rip a dog lover away from their beloved furry companions. Big or small, adopted pets very quickly integrate into the family, whether you want it or not.

Liz Haslam felt attached to every one of her dogs, and she had many. Liz did the good work of rescuing bull terriers, using half an acre of land for the boarding kennel business that was attached to the two-bedroom farmhouse in Barnham, Suffolk she shared with her husband Mike. The dogs themselves were often abandoned or had behavioral problems. Beds for Bullies, her organization, can board up to 30 bull terriers at once.

In fact, Liz can spend up to 18 hours a day caring for all those dogs, walking them, and spending hundreds of dollars on their medication and any necessary procedures since they all need love and attention.

According to Express, Mike offered his wife an ultimatum: either it was him or the dogs because he was tired of the peculiar scenario. It took 25 years of marriage and a lot of convincing to convince her son, who is now 22, to stay with her and the dogs.


Liz made an easy choice: she would always go with the dogs. She was unable to give up what brought her joy and helped the creatures who depended on her. Who would look after them if she didn’t?

I haven’t seen or heard from him since,” she stated. After 25 years, I figured he should understand that giving up the dogs was not my plan.

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“He had reached a breaking point where he wanted to slow down. But I wasn’t ready to abandon it. So he made the decision to leave,” she continued.

When she was 16, they first connected and fell in love. They were married in January 1991, and Liz undoubtedly believed she was marrying the love of her life at the time. She could never have anticipated that it would end out like this, writes

But it appears that she is seeing the situation positively. Even though she lost her marriage, she is still free to pursue her interests.

Making someone choose between their partner and their passion is something we would never consider doing. Just plain unfair! For her and the pets in need, we believe Liz made the correct decision. Share this if you concur!



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