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Mailman Saves Small Stray Dog On The Road And Drives Him To Finish Deliveries


The unexpected can happen at any time during the workday. Recently, a postal worker gained a beautiful new buddy after rescuing a stray puppy in need. He later helped the worker complete her route as a way of saying “thank you.”

A little stray puppy was reportedly discovered by a postal worker, according to Ruff Start Rescue. The employee understood she had to save the dog because it was sweltering outside and there were no houses nearby, writes

The small dog apparently followed her on the remaining deliveries after she “picked his skinny body up” and put him in a mail bin.

Director of Ruff Start Rescue Azure Davis said, “He showed his thanks by helping her finish delivering the mail.


The worker took the little puppy to the veterinarian for a checkup after he served as an honorary “mailman” for the day.

The dog was badly dehydrated from the heat when the mail carrier found him, but the vet allegedly did not find any serious ailments or injuries.

If she hadn’t stopped to pick him up, “he definitely wouldn’t have made it,” Davis said.

Afterwards, Ruff Start Rescue took the dog in. In recognition of the priority box he was picked up in, he was given the name “Priority.”

He currently resides in a foster family, and numerous people have submitted adoption applications, according to Ruff Start.

He’s a very outgoing and self-assured pup, according to his foster mother. “And very appreciative to the mailman who saved him.”

What a cute little mailman that is! We appreciate the postal guy for rescuing the puppy while he was in need. Priority is doing great, and we hope he soon finds his permanent home!

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