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Dog Recovers From Plane Fall Injury After 6 Days in the Desert


A miracle of the highest kind occurred in the life of a dog called Gaspar. The dog’s destiny was altered when, just before departure, the door of the airplane’s cargo compartment opened by mistake, and he was unable to meet his instructor as planned.

Gaspar and his closest friend Ligia Gallardo were on their way to the city of Iquique, which is located in the northern region of Chile. The animal carrier box in which Gallardo’s dog, who is now two years old and was traveling with him, was located in the plane’s cargo hold. But as soon as the aircraft touched down, Ligia was hit with an unwelcome shock when she discovered that the shipment box contained nothing but empty space.

The crate that was carrying Gaspar fell over and opened up as a result of the inadvertent opening of the cargo compartment. This alarmed the tiny dog, who then bolted out of the aircraft. Gaspar made his way into the Atacama Desert, and it was there that he was lost for about a week before he was discovered.

The authorities informed Gallardo that there had been an accident, and that the dog had managed to get away. The package had dropped from the hold of the aircraft while it was still upright, and it had opened after the hit, according to Janis Cavieres, Gaspar’s bodyguard. That would have been enough to have the dog run away.


Cavieres conducted a search operation that she coordinated across several social networks in an effort to locate Gaspar. According to reports from the local media, the dog had been seen roaming the desert on many occasions, but it eluded capture each time. Allegedly, the airline as well as a local army unit contributed vehicles and troops to the search effort, which resulted in the successful rescue and subsequent return of the animal to its rightful owner.

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Paola Bravo, the veterinarian who cared for the dog after it was rescued, said in an interview with the local media that the canine “was filthy, nervous, and starved. After being absent for six days, he had dropped a significant amount of weight.

Despite this, Cavieres verified that “Gaspar is substantially better and progressively gaining weight” a few days after his life was flipped upside down.

The airline has admitted that they are responsible for the damaged shipment box as well as the subsequent disappearance of Gaspar. Additionally, the corporation is looking into whether or not the opening of the door to the cargo compartment was the result of human mistake.

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