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Can’t Believe She’s Actually Seeing Her Owner Again, Lost Dog


Animal control officers’ confiscated pets are cared for and assisted in finding new homes by volunteers at the Jackson Friends of the Animal Shelter in Mississippi, which was founded and is run by Lyn Crawford. Last month, Crawford got a letter from a woman named Joyce who had just recently lost a loved one.

“On June 20, Daisy, her dog, had run away from her backyard and gone missing. She couldn’t seem to find her “Crawford told The Dodo about this. She sent us a picture of Daisy through email and requested us to keep an eye out for her. She was quite worried.

When Daisy didn’t appear during the following days, Crawford showed her coworkers the photo, but Crawford’s optimism began to wane until Monday.

“One of our volunteers was in the shelter when a shelter employee just that second brought a puppy out,” Crawford continued. “Our volunteer took a picture of the puppy and sent it to us through email. Then one of our other volunteers observed, “I think that’s the dog Joyce described in her message a few weeks ago,” after spotting it. I think that’s the same dog,


They were unable to positively identify the dog in the picture, despite the fact that they thought she looked quite similar.

Crawford then texted Joyce a photo from the shelter. Daisy’s identity remained a mystery even to her.

Crawford stated, “She claimed she didn’t know since she’d never seen her dog look that afraid.” “Our volunteer requested that Joyce meet her at the shelter to confirm that it was her, so Joyce left work and went to the shelter.”

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“They questioned Joyce, ‘Is this your dog?’” Crawford recounted of the moment the fearful dog was brought up front on film. “However, once Daisy saw her, there was no mistake.”





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