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German Shepherd Falls Ill on Mountaintop, and the Entire Team Rushes to Save Her


When Hana, a German shepherd, couldn’t handle the heat while trekking with her father, she collapsed from heat exhaustion and was rendered completely immobile. He was worried that help would not come in time because she and her father were pretty far up the Snow Lake Trail in Washington; happily, he called the right people.

The Washington State Animal Response Team (WASART) acted quickly after receiving the call about Hana. They drove to the base of the mountain and started the laborious climb up the trail after assembling a small crew of rescuers and all the required tools. Numerous hikers they passed gave them information about the dog and her owner.

According to WASART’s public relations officer Michaela Eaves, hiking the course took around an hour. The pace was quicker than a regular hike since we place a lot of emphasis on hiking training. About 3.5 miles above sea level, she was. Hana raised her head to welcome us when we arrived, but she quickly sat back and let us work.


As soon as they reached the top, the rescuers took Hana’s temperature and used ice packs and a frozen Capri Sun packet that was given to them by a nearby hiker to keep her as cool as they could. Before the team arrived, bystanders had been dousing Hana with cold water in an effort to comfort the struggling hot dog. Once Hana had calmed down enough, the crew carefully carried her into a litter, a kind of rescue stretcher with a wheel, before fitting her with a harness and a muzzle.

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The team cautiously steered the litter down the steep slope after Hana was secure before starting the risky descent. The team members constantly alternated carrying the rubbish to maintain strength and make sure everyone made it down the route safely.

Hana remained still on the litter while the team descended the mountain, maybe realizing that everyone was coming to save her.

Hana examined her surroundings as she down the trail, but she made no move to get away from the trash, according to Eaves. When we switched who was in charge of the litter and made sure she could constantly see her owner, she didn’t seem to mind.

Halfway down the mountain, more volunteers joined the rescue effort, enabling for the temporary use of new, rested arms to carry Hana while the other team members took a break.

The team finally down the mountain and brought Hana to her family’s car, where the rest of her family, including Scooby, her terrified canine brother, was waiting for her.

Half of her family had remained at the trailhead the entire time, according to Eaves. Hana and one of the owners climbed while their elder dog, who wasn’t a suitable choice for trekking, stayed behind. Scooby had been on guard when we got there. He was aware that Hana wasn’t present and that something was wrong. When we returned, Scooby carefully observed who was in the litter and checked in as we transferred Hana to the waiting vehicle.

Once she was safely in the car, her family sincerely thanked her rescuers before rushing her to an emergency vet to be checked out. The next day, when the rescue team checked on Hana, her family reported that she was doing well and would soon be released from the hospital.

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Make sure your dog has regular access to water when you’re out in the heat so he can stay hydrated and prevent heat exhaustion. Fortunately, a big number of people were present to help Hana, and as a consequence of their efforts, she is anticipated to recover fast.



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