Beautiful Moment Young filly (horse) is saved from drowning by a wild horse. – Animals Nature Press

Beautiful Moment Young filly (horse) is saved from drowning by a wild horse.


Champ is a wild stallion who has shown how kind and helpful some animals can be.


He lives in Arizona’s Tonto National Park, where the amazing incident took place. Fortunately for us, a park service volunteer by the name of Becky Standridge was there to capture it.

When another team of horses appeared on the other bank of the Salt River, Champ and his family were grazing along the river’s banks.


The other group had two exuberant colts.

Champ and his family started to wonder about the other horses.

When Champ and a couple of the other horses began to cross the river to meet the other horses, the river’s current unexpectedly dragged a young filly underneath.

She was dragged under the sea and panickedly surfaced!

Champ approached the filly in the water and attempted to grab her by the side of her neck, but he was unsuccessful.

“The current started to sweep the filly downstream. However, Champ persisted, writes

Champ left the team and pursued her in the water.

This time, he was successful in snatching her by the back of the neck.

He hugged her tenderly and didn’t let go until she was back on land without incident.

“Once on the bank of the river, the relieved filly went straight to her mother.”

” Champ continued on to see the other horses.”

Champ then went back to his family, and the herd carried on their journey.


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