Man collapses after seeing his senior dog close his eyes for all time, his heart aching. – Animals Nature Press

Man collapses after seeing his senior dog close his eyes for all time, his heart aching.


The young man chose to put his old dog to sleep because he was getting on in years, but not before filming a 10-minute movie in which they gave him all of his favorite things—including chicken—before he died away.

Dogs can be as sad to lose as a human loved one because they win their owners’ hearts with their beautiful and enduring friendship. The owner of Cappuccino, a young man by the name of Lauro Morales, made the decision to post pictures of his dog’s passing on social media. He was sobbing as he made the decision that he could no longer endure to see the dog suffer. As a result, they took the dog for a vehicle ride, fed him chicken, gave him a bath, and eventually released him. The young boy clung to his beloved and waited for their time together while he sobbed.

You may also see a man hugging his elderly dog while crying just before he passes away.

Fire your dog to put an end to its excellent behavior.

Contrary to popular belief, there are kind individuals who will go above and beyond for their dogs and stand by them no matter what.


According to a video uploaded to TikTok by user _victorcaudillo, Lauro had to say goodbye to the most devoted dog he had ever loved. It was one of the hardest days of his life.

Cappuccino is seen sitting down in the 10-minute clip because he is too weak to stand. He brushed and showered him while the dog lay there gazing at his lifelong buddy, making memories for himself that would last a lifetime.

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She took him for one more walk on a small bed balanced on top of a board as the family emerged and sobbedly embraced him and told him how much they loved and will miss him.

As several people brought him his last lunch of chicken and cookies, he drove about with the dog in the back of the vehicle. Cappucino devoured his supper, writes

The inevitable farewell then had to be said. Although Lauro had anticipated suffering, it wasn’t until he came that Cappuccino’s early memories started to flow.

With only ten minutes to say farewell, they arrived to the animal hospital and prepared everything for the channeling. In the video, Lauro is heard stating, “A lifetime of memories went through my head,” as he gives Cappuccino a quick and intense hug.

According to the video, the dog was calm and collected during the procedure since Lauro stayed by his side until the dog’s little eyes closed and his heart stopped pumping, allowing him to cross the rainbow.

His heart and breathing became weaker and quieter until they finally stopped, and he passed away quietly in my arms.

The young man seems to have vanished into the form of the dog and given up forever. This will likely be a depressing realization for many people: “I wish dogs were forever;” but, sadly, they are not. Instead, because of their shorter lifespans, their owners desire to spend as much time as possible with their pets. We ask God to repair Morales’ broken heart and help him never to lose sight of his divine defender.

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