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The cat finds his little self and decides to adopt and raise him as his own.


When Jesse Ryan brought Minnie the ginger kitten into the house, their adult cat Evin came to the conclusion that there was only one thing he could do about this unexpected arrival. He took him in as his own!

Since the day that they first met, Evin and Minnie have been inseparable, and Minnie always follows Evin about everywhere he goes. He is ephemeral, like a shadow. Only smaller. And ginger. But Evin doesn’t seem to mind. In point of fact, it looks as if he enjoys it immensely having his very own Mini-Me. Who wouldn’t want it, right?

“Evin and Minnie were instantly attracted to one another!” According to its owner, Jessica Ryan, Bored Panda was notified. “I believe that the primary reason is that Minnie clung to Evin and left him with no other alternative! They never stop wrestling, playing, or snuggling with one another. Additionally, after eating, they clean each other. They are inseparable companions. Tunie is the name of our other senior cat who is a grumpy grey tabby. When she goes by, their favorite thing to do is to bother her, pursue her, and swat her butt.


Since Minnie is now just half the size of Evin, he can no longer be considered Minnie. In point of fact, it won’t be long until he starts seeking for his very own clone! Better watch out Tunie…

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