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Woman Says Her Loved Horse And Dogs Farewell From Hospice Bed for the Last Time


The importance of animals in our lives and the unique ties they may form across species are both highlighted in this tale.

Jan Holman, 68, a patient at the Hospice of the Good Shepherd in Chester, England, is a terminally ill woman who was formerly housed in a hospital.

She received all the attention she needed, but she still missed her pets, her horse Bob and her two puppies Monty and Rowley.

The woman said that Bob was an extremely important part of her life and that she had been riding him up until the day before she was admitted to the hospital.


The staff decided to surprise Jan by adding her three animal buddies to the list of guests after observing her predicament. This led to a joyful reunion. The hospice staff completed the preparations before leading Jan to the courtyard entrance to present the touching surprise.

Jan recognized her horse. The staff of the Thornleigh Park Farm Stables, where Bob lives freely, were with him when he arrived. Despite being unable to get out of bed, the woman’s happiness could be seen on her face, especially when she considered the possibility of seeing Bob once again.

Bob laid down on Jan’s lap and stroked her neck without hesitation, extending his head through the door to allow Jan touch him.

He also enjoyed the sweet apples, bananas, and carrots she gave him. She was overjoyed, and her face lit up.

Jan claims that:

Until a few weeks ago, I was still riding Bob every day. He is a pretty important part of my life, and I have missed him dearly.

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The best part of the emotional reunion, though, was still to come when Monty and Rowley, her two puppies, arrived and stayed by her bed.

Since she was confined to the hospital, Jan hadn’t been allowed to say goodbye to her dogs, so she was pleased to see them once more. Mrs. Jan, however, was able to take pleasure in the touching reunion and find some courage to keep fighting thanks to the hospice’s great staff.

Jan noticed what he did next:

“I can’t believe how far the hospice staff went out of their way for me,”

Several photos taken by staff members capture Jan’s beautiful reunion and the exact moments she spent with her three dogs. The woman and her family were aware that her two dogs might visit them, but they did not expect to have the choice to take Bob.

She and her husband are grateful for this, especially because since relocating to the hospice, she has been able to get frequent visitors.


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