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Dog is often rejected till this woman notices his beauty.


Some people judge others solely on how they appear on the outside, neglecting to consider how beautiful they are on the inside. Lucky is a canine that has been left behind more than once in an effort to stand out from the throng. Many people who saw him in action were unable to get past what they had seen and passed up the chance to meet this amazing creature, but one person did.

Lucky was judged unsellable because of a facial deformity that was present at birth. He was then sent to a shelter in order to locate housing, but this was extremely challenging because of the prejudice he faced due to his looks.

During the course of her adoption, he passed through a number of houses until arriving at a home in Austin, Texas, where it seemed that his luck would turn around.


Lucky had a permanent home, but because his owner did not want him there, he led an unhappy and lonely existence. Lucky was frequently left outside, occasionally tethered to a tree for days on end, without a bed or human contact because the owner also had cats.

In addition to receiving subpar food, the poor dog also suffered from maltreatment, neglect, and lack of attention.

Since they were relocating and did not want to take Lucky with them, the family ultimately made the decision to turn Lucky over to the shelter. It was obvious that Lucky was not a member of the family to them.

Although the dog was re-adopted, it didn’t take long for his new owners to decide to abandon him at the shelter once more. But then something on social media happened that completely altered everything!

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Lucky was taken to the groomer by a shelter employee who asked him to pose for some photos. The appropriate person for Lucky saw the photographs when they were posted on social media: a volunteer buddy named Jamie Hult.

She was so moved by the dog’s tale that she had to see Lucky and, even better, adopt Lucky right away!

IHeartdogs heard Jamie say this:

She turned out to be a member of my dog rescue group, so I called her immediately away and expressed my desire for the puppy. I want to adopt the dog, I don’t even want to foster him.

Sadly, Lucky was suffering with heartworm disease and needed rapid veterinary attention. Jamie didn’t give a damn about the puppy’s hunger or flea infestation since she loved him and would happily part with her money and her heart for him.

Even though Lucky had a long way to go to recover from his illnesses, with the right medical attention, he quickly reached full health.

The stunning dog now had a new name, a new place to live, and a new favorite human. It was referred to as “Beau Tox.”

As Jamie said:

“Beaux Tox is his moniker since it appears like he needs botox, which is OK. All types of beauty are valued by us.

Since relocating together, Jamie and Beaux Tox have been enjoying themselves to the fullest. His days of being tied to a tree, of suffering, and of prejudice are long behind him; he is now a healthy dog having a lovely existence.

All Beaux Tox has to do now is take pleasure in all the affection that his human mother would lavish on him; he will no longer be rejected because he is unique.

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