Every time the caretaker sings her lullaby, the elephant falls asleep. – Animals Nature Press

Every time the caretaker sings her lullaby, the elephant falls asleep.


Humans are not the only species on the planet capable of displaying a high level of empathy. Elephants, in fact, are among the most compassionate animals on the planet. And there is video evidence to indicate how sensitive kids are to the emotions of others. When one elephant’s calf became distressed, the only solution she could think of was to call in reinforcements. The zookeeper was invited in by this cunning mama elephant to sing a lullaby to her youngster.

Faamai, like the majority of the sanctuary’s occupants, came at the Elephant Nature Park in Thailand’s Chiang Mai Province when she was just a few months old. O and s, the tiny elephant, appeared helpless, but happily she found all the comfort she needed in one of the people at the sanctuary – Chailart, also known as the elephant whisperer.

Lek Chailart established the Elephant Nature Park to aid in the conservation of these magnificent beasts. She utilizes the park to help elephants who have been harmed physically or mentally. Many of the elephants come from circuses and have years of experience. Chailart has treated elephants suffering from everything from fractured bones to bIindness.


While all of her cha.rges receive Chailart’s loving attention, one elephant receives the most intimate treatment of all. Faamai dozed off to the calming tones of Chailart’s singing. The procedure is both adorable and wonderful.

Chailart approaches the elephant and begins her singing when she determines it’s time for Faamai to sleep. Faamai answers by encircling the woman in her trunk and drawing her in for a hug. It’s a beautiful embrace, but nothing compares to the scene that follows.

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Faamai slowly drops to the ground and stretches out on her side as Lek continues her calming song. Soon after, the two snuggle up for a sleep.

“Every time she hears Lek’s lullaby, she falls asleep,” the organization noted in the YouTube video. Chailert’s images of the park’s elephants playing joyfully may be found on its Facebook page.

Though there has been little scientific research into whether elephants – or other animals – respond to music, other animals have been observed to enjoy a nice tune and even hum to themselves.

Source: animalsgreat.com

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