Only if their pets can accompany them are Ukrainians willing to leave. – Animals Nature Press

Only if their pets can accompany them are Ukrainians willing to leave.


While more than a million Ukrainians leave their nation, many of them insist on taking their pets with them. Pictures of people and their animals attempting perilous border crossings or huddling in bomb shelters and subway stations have appeared on social media.

Recent sources claim that the majority of Ukraine’s neighbors now permit pet imports without veterinary documentation. There are still a lot of animals in Ukraine, though, who require food, medicine, and care. In the face of missile attacks, brave volunteers and zoo and shelter staff members are remaining behind to take care of these creatures.

Kharkiv National University student Rishabh Kaushik refused to travel to India to join his family if it meant leaving his rescue dog behind. Then, according to Kaushik, “I determined that if my dog can’t leave, I won’t either.” Even though I am aware of the risk, I can’t just leave him. When I leave, who will look after him?
In times of crisis, it is be difficult to feel helpless, but there are things you can do to support Ukrainian pets, their families, and the homeless animals in shelters. The following groups are in need of your assistance if you want to aid the animals in Ukraine:

International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW)

The IFAW has been collaborating with partner shelters in Gorlovka and Donetsk to raise money for staff salaries, pet food, and medical supplies. Additionally, they gave World Central Kitchen (WCK), which serves hot meals to Ukrainian refugees in Poland and five Ukrainian cities, including Odessa and Lviv, a donation of $50,000. Here is where you may donate to IFAW.

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