A man saved a 100-kilogram elephant by carrying it on his shoulders through the forest. – Animals Nature Press

A man saved a 100-kilogram elephant by carrying it on his shoulders through the forest.


This is the incredible story of a forest guard who made news after bringing a young elephant out of a ditch.

Many people wondered how he managed to carry the animal that was larger and heavier than himself.
Palanichamy Sarathkumar, 28, the man who weighs 80kg but manages to carry the 100kg elephant on his back, has received an outpouring of sympathy.

It was fairly substantial. The mother and calf were later reunited.

Mr. Sarathkumar is a member of a forest team based in Mettupalayam, India, around 50 kilometers (32 miles) from Ooty.

“Many people contacted to congratulate me when the footage of me raising the calf was posted on local TV networks and social media,” he told the BBC.

“My entire village is now asking me the same thing.” How did you manage to hoist an elephant?


“I was worried about losing my balance.” But my companions stepped in and subdued the calf a little while also assisting me in carrying the animal.”

Mr. Sarathkumar received a call while he was headed for home after a night shift, which resulted in the rescue.

“A female elephant was obstructing the road near the Vanabhadra Kaliamman temple, according to the caller.”

He and his colleagues could force the elephant back into the woods by using firecrackers. The group then searched for more elephants.

“We saw this calf trapped inside a small ditch,” he explained. “It was fatigued and bewildered, so we moved a large boulder in its path and brought it out.”

After determining that the calf was the source of the female’s distress, they sought to reunite the pair, but the animal was too fragile to walk.

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“At first, four of us carried the calf,” Mr. Sarathkumar explained. “We wanted to take it to the other side of the road so that it may be reunited with its mother.” However, because she was still nearby, there was a risk of being attacked.

“So, rather than putting all four of us in danger, I opted to carry the calf across the road by myself.”


Source: kingdomstv.com

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