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Zebra infant comforts and supports recovering rhino calf.


In the wild, Daisy and Modjadji would never have crossed paths.

On the other side, the baby rhino and young zebra at the Care For Wild Rhino Sanctuary have unexpectedly become friends and are supporting each other’s recovery.

In the beginning of December, Daisy was found in need in the Kruger National Park in South Africa. Daisy’s rescuers rushed her by helicopter to the sanctuary’s urgent care facility because she was just a few hours old and very weak. Daisy needed round-the-clock care and feeding in addition to a number of drugs to support her immune system and control her body temperature.

But Daisy wasn’t the only animal that had just been born at the clinic.


According to Louwhen Bowker, Care For Wild Rhino Sanctuary’s media liaison, “Modjadji was transferred to the sanctuary’s ICU at the end of November after being found immobile and hardly breathing on the reserve following strong rains and storms.” At the time, Modjadji was regarded as being one week old.

The two orphaned children developed an unshakable friendship and accepted one other as their own family.
As they became larger and more courageous, Bowker said, “their curiosity overcame them, and they started interacting with one another. “Rhinos are social animals who need constant company. Daisy appreciates Modjadji’s company and finds him to be quite loving.


Source: dailyphew.com

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