Burrito goes to his owner’s window every night because he won’t sleep unless she pampers him – “Mama Loves You” – Animals Nature Press

Burrito goes to his owner’s window every night because he won’t sleep unless she pampers him – “Mama Loves You”


Nothing is more reassuring than paying attention to a loved one after a difficult day. And there’s a small critter in Brazil that won’t stop until she’s said her last goodbyes to her mother and received some embraces and pleasant words from her.

This donkey has grabbed everyone’s heart on social media as a result of a video in which he appears to be wasting tenderness and has infected many of the greatest energies.

In a video uploaded on her mother Jacqueline Gouveia’s Facebook page, the young newborn can be seen with her big ears protruding out of a window.


Django and his human mother have a wonderful habit of saying goodbye before bed, as weird as it may sound. As he approaches the window, she begins to speak sweetly to him and caresses him gently.

“Mom loves you…,” the woman can be heard saying again. “Mom adores you,” says the video.

The most touching aspect of the story is the donkey’s reaction when his mother begins to indulge him. Django romps on the window frame like a kid or a spoilt puppy, displaying all the happiness that is too enormous for his body.

Because of their undying love for one another, it was plainly clear in the video that the two always said good night to one another.

Django appears to be happy, and another horse buddy who appears to be looking for attention enters the picture. It’s natural to want to be pampered, but Django appears to be the spoiled brat. After a quick close-up of the scene, the lovely brown donkey gives up and walks out the window.

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