Her dog travels around 4 miles each night to get food for her family. – Animals Nature Press

Her dog travels around 4 miles each night to get food for her family.


Introducing Lilica, a stray puppy that was dumped in front of a junkyard in one of So Paulo’s seediest areas. Dogs, cats, and chickens are among the many animals and homeless humans that reside here. They are all affected by poverty and try their best to help one another.

Lilica is a wonderful example of love and compassion even if she is a household pet. Life is never simple for a homeless dog, but she always makes sure that her pups and companions are nourished.


She travels 4 kilometers each night on solitary, perilous roads to Lucia Helena De Souza’s house, where she receives a food bag. She then goes back to the junkyard to get food for the rest of her “family,” which includes a mule, a dog, a cat, a lot of hens, and a lot of chickens. All of them have thankful hearts.

devoted to animals Three years ago, Lilica was walking close to Lucia’s house seeking for food when she first noticed her. The dog continued to return every night to retrieve her meal after Lucia fed it. They established a schedule where they would meet every night at nine o’clock for hugs, cuddles, and a hot supper. Lucia would prepare an additional piece for Lilica.

One time, she observed Lilica examining the food bag rather than devouring it. After a few seconds, Lilica took the plastic bag Lucia had just closed and walked off as normal. When Lucia followed the dog, she learned something that made her cry: Lilica fed her family even though she wasn’t hungry.

Even after being adopted, the dog has continued to do this for three years, coming back each evening to give the other animals food. She only wants to prevent hunger for everyone. What a wonderful tale!

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Let’s offer a standing ovation to Lilica for her kind nature and to all animal lovers, particularly Professor Lucia Helena, who provided for Lilica’s needs. Do you like this story? Share this with your friends and share your thoughts in the space below!


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